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Research Supervision

Currently Supervisor or Co-Supervisor

Note: This list is periodically updated, so it is possible that some information is not up to date.
Stacey TaylorPhD NLP in Financial Domain
Samson MifflinMCS Neural Networks
Tymon Wranik-LohrenzMCS Neural Network Models for Related Languages (co-sup. Dr. Darren Abramson)
Mitchell KaneMCS NLP and Interpretable AI in Financial Prediction Domain
Mayank AnandRA Deep Learning in NLP
Harshit AgarwalRA NLP Methods for Detecting Mental Health Disorders on Social Media
Nicholas HinesUSRA Formwork Systems Software Project

Past Supervision or Co-Supervision

YearNameDegreeThesis or Project Title
2023Ahmed BalfagihPhD Addressing Challenges of Twitter Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Different Domains
2023Mayank AnandMCS Structural Embedding of Constituency Trees in the Attention-based Model for Machine Comprehension
2023 Adrian MalerMCS Evaluating Common-Sense Reasoning in Pretrained Transformer-Based Language Models using Adversarial Schemas and Consistency Metrics
2023Harshit AgarwalMCS Common N-gram Method: A Promising Approach to Detecting Mental Health Disorders on Social Media
2022Nicholas HinesUSRA Column Formwork Systems Software Project
2022 Gaurav Devendra JariwalaMCS Identifying Factors Influencing Electronic Gaming Machine Player Behavior using Interpretable AI and Mimicking Player Behavior using Reinforcement Learning
2022 Rohit Nitin KherMCS Music Composer Recognition from MIDI Representation using Deep Learning and N-gram Based Methods
2022 Harsh GawaiMCS Project Nottingham: A Study of User Behaviour on Mobile Investing Applications
(co-sup. Dr. Colin Conrad)
2022Disha Malik MCS Detecting No-Opinion Responses in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) Dataset using Unsupervised Methods and Active Learning
(co-sup. Dr. Dijana Kosmajac)
2021Dijana KosmajacPDF Automated Guidelines and Standards Compliance Checking in Oil and Gas Industry
2021 Goutham NarravulaMCS Text Embedding Based Topic Modeling on Noisy Historical Drilling Data
(co-sup. Dr. Dijana Kosmajac)
2021Soheil Latifi MCS Electronic Gaming Machine Playstyle Detection and Rapid Playstyle Classification using Multivariate Convolutional LSTM Neural Network Architecture
2021Tukai Koustav Pain MCS Harmonized System Code Classification using Transfer Learning with Pre-Trained Weights
2021Xiaoyue TanMEC (r.p.) Current 5G Development and its Application in Business
2021Sarah SabriMHI (th)Providing Personalized Medication Information to Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
(co-sup. Dr. Samina Abidi)
2021Yan XiongMEC (r.p.) Analysis of the Influence of China's E-Commerce Development Level on Import and Export Trade
2021Ganrong TanUG Hon, CS Predicting Results of 2019 Canadian Federal Elections using a Machine Learning Approach on Twitter Data
2020Anita VaghelaMEC (r.p.) Impact of Privacy and Confidentiality Concerns on the Customer Purchasing Power in an Online Store
2020Nawshin Tarannum Ananna MEC (r.p.) Impact of Social Media Marketing on Customer Engagement in the Beauty Industry
2020 Kaustubh Dhotre MEC (prj) Operating Budget Surplus Forecasting using ARIMA
2020Tamir Elmasri MEC (prj) Prediction Based Web Application for Customer Opinion Product Analysis using Twitter API
2020Chengyao XiaoUG Hon Evaluation of Transition-based Dependency Parsers with Deep Learning Methods
(co-sup. Dr. Sageev Oore)
2020Manohar, Mohan RajMEC (r.p.) Some Latest Advances in the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Mentoring Children
2020Tahajjat Begum MEC (prj) Deep Learning Models for Gesture-controlled Drone Operation
(co-sup. Dr. Israat Haque)
2020 Yichuan Xu MCS Stock Movement Prediction with Deep Learning, Finance Tweets Sentiment, Technical Indicators, and Candlestick Charting
(co-sup. Dr. Sageev Oore)
2020Dijana KosmajacPhD Author and Language Profiling for Short Texts
2019 Stacey Taylor MEC (th) Using NLP to Quantify the Effects of Non-GAAP Measures to Predict the Outcome of Securities Lawsuits
2019 Levi Matus UG Research Behavioural Analytics for e-Sports
2019 Afsan Gujarati MEC (th) Authorship Attribution Using Written and Read Documents
2019 Fan, JianjuanMEC (r.p.) The Application and Development of Image Recognition Technology (IRT) in Electronic Commerce
2019 Chen, YiMEC (r.p.) The Data Mining Technology in the Field of Public Security
2019 Anku, AnkitaMEC (r.p.) Augmented Reality and its Affect on E-Commerce
2019 Rahman, MoshiurMEC (r.p.)Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Implementation in E-Commerce
2019 Hari RameshMEC (r.p.) A Survey of Computer Vision Techology for Rock Image Processing
2019Viswanath SathananthRA (MACS)NLP for Health
2018Xuelun Yang MEC (prj) Data Mining for Financial Distress Prediction
2018Oliver Dechant NSERC USRA Bitcoin Price Forecasting using RSTAN and NLP
2018 Mitchell Kane NSERC USRA Technical Documentation Management
2018Imeilia Santoso MEC (prj) Direct Bank Marketing Analytics usign Data Classification and Decision Tree Visualization
2018Dhivya JayaramanMCS, CS N-gram Based Keyword Topic Modelling for Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Survey Data
2018Mahmoud Abaza MEC (prj) An Electronic Fraud Analysis and Anti-Fraud Application "Falcon"
2018 Bayonle Oluwole MEC (r.p.) Predicting Bitcoin Price Fluctuation using Sentiment Analysis
2018Pamela IdemudiaMEC (r.p.)Impact of User Behaviour through A/B Testing
2018Roberto Abarca MeroMEC (r.p.)On-line Banking in Ecuador: Challenges and Opportunities
2018 Saurabh Singh MACS Using Efficient Data Structure to Speed Up Word Similarity Queries on WordNet
(co-sup. Dr. Norbert Zeh)
2018Armin SajadiPhD, CS Semantic Analysis using Wikipedia Graph Structure
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2018Patrick WalterUG Hon, CS Predicting Canadian Consumer Food Prices with Python
2018Nisha Simon MCS Automatic Term Extraction in Technical Domain using Part-of-Speech and Common-Word Features
2017 Kenneth PowerNSERC USRA Twitter Data Visualization
2017 Lee LunnUSRA Finding Sufficient Minimal Text Length Character N-gram Profile Generation
2017 Magdalena JankowskaPDF NLP Techniques for e-Learning
2017Faisal Abbas RA NLP for Requirements Specification Analysis
2017 Jay Harris MEC (th) A Machine Learning Approach to Forecasting Consumer Food Prices
2017Magdalena JankowskaPhD, CSAuthor Style Analysis in Text Documents based on Character and Word N-grams
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2017Carlos Ureta Mori MEC (prj) Terminology Classification for Procurement Purposes
2017 Deborah Addey MEC (r.p.) The Positive Value of Negative Customer Feedback: A Case Study of Bell Alliant
2016Ryan HackettUSRAMusic Composer Attribution using N-Grams
2016Zhishen YangUG Hon A Performance Comparison of Different Text Classification Methods for Corporate User Identification in Social Media
2016 Anis Khoja MEC (r.p.) An Evaluation of the Adoption of E-prescription
2015Qialing Wang MEC (prj) Analyzing Smartphone Customer Feedback Using Text Mining: Understanding Customers Better
2015Ryan Yitao WuMEC (prj) Improving Twitter Sentiment Classification with Lexicon and Encoding Features and Incorporated Feature Selection
2015Haitham GaafarMEC (prj.)Social Media Use in Higher Education
(co-sup. Dr. Yannick Marchand)
2015 Lisheng QiMEC (r.p.) A Survey of Current Methods using Social Media Mining in Marketing Research
2015Raheel KhowajaMEC (r.p.) Current State and Future of Electronic Payment Systems
2015 Clayton CooperNSERC USRA DalTREC Infrastructure for Total Recall TREC Participation
2015 Pedro Ciambra USRA Research Collaborative Infrastructure (ReColl)
2015Zhishen YangUSRA Image Mining
2015Faisal AbbasMCS Microblog Text Parsing: A Comparison of State-of-the-Art Parsers
2015Mohammad SembawaMEC (r.p.) Using Web Mining and Behavioural Analytics to Increase the Frequency and Value of Ecommerce Transactions
2015Jacek M. WolkowiczPDF Social Lead Identification
2015Colin ConradMEC (th.) Predicting Political Donations using Data Driven Lifestyle Profiles Generated from Character N-gram Analysis of Heterogenous Online Sources
2015Srirag SadanandanMEC (prj.)A Commercial Sentiment Analysis System for Identifying Customer Review Polarity
2015Uchenna Lawrence IbelemeMEC (r.p.) Trend of E-Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa and its Challenges: Case Study of E-commerce in Nigeria
2015Farrukh Momin MEC (r.p.) Evolution of JavaScript and Its Future
2015Madawi Alsaud MEC (r.p.) Promoting Trust in Saudi Online Markets for Small and New Businesses through a Governmental Trustmark
2015Anil AliMEC (r.p.) A Comparative Study of IBM and SAP Products for Big Data and their Usage in Retail Business
2015Xian XiaoMEC (r.p.) An Innovative Business Marketing Communication Tool: WeChat's Influences and Limitations
2015Kuldip MantriMEC (r.p.)Business Oriented and Value Added Electronic Commerce Applications and Considerations in Oil and Gas Industry
2014Shemaa SanyourMEC (r.p.)International Digital Money Transfer: Issues and Recommendations
2014Naseem AlhusayniMEC (r.p.)Information Seeking Behavior in Millennials
2014Adil AliMEC (r.p.)A Study on Big Data: Its Characteristics, Tools and Challenges
2014Qian WeiMEC (prj.)Combined Transaction Data and Web Usage Mining for Customer Relationship Management in North American Spa Industry
2014Wenjia NiMEC (th)Application of Clustering, Logistic Regression and Decision Tree Induction on EGM Data for Detection and Prediction of At-Risk and Problem Gamblers
2014Faisal AlshehriMEC (r.p.)Exploring CRM Strategy Approaches based on WordPress Plugins
2014Marek LipczakPDFAutomatic Tagging for Document Retrieval in Corporate Environments
2014Ahlam AlsulamiMEC (r.p.)Current Strategies for Integrating Digital Library and Social Media
2014Tyler BlairUSRA Natural Language Processing
2013Sajjad DholasaniaMEC (prj.)An Approach to Session Detection in Data Mining for Responsible Gaming
2013Aminul IslamPDFNatural Language Processing
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2013Axel SotoPDFVisual Text Analytics and Machine Learning
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2013Justin FrankUSRAStatistical Methods in Analysis of Gaming Data
2013Zhishen YangUSRASocial Media Mining
2013Tahani AlghamdiMEC (r.p.)Factors Influencing Consumer Adoption of Mobile Banking
2013Mazen BabgiMEC (r.p.)Analysis of Internet Fraud: Fraudulent Scams and Why People Become Victims
2013Asif AliMEC (r.p.)A Study on Initiative for Introduction of Electronic Passports in Canada
2013Noman AliMEC (r.p.)Document Engineering in e-Business for Health Care Organizations
2013Noura KakiMEC (prj.)Electronic Ticketing in Public Transportation: The Al Haramain High-speed Rail in Saudi Arabia
(co-sup. Dr. Ed Leach)
2013Ahmed HarazMEC (prj.)Data Mining for Potential Mortgage Customers via Twitter
2013Jing JinMEC (prj.)The Design of an Interactive Social Media Based Drupal Online Learning Environment
2013Tomasz NiewiarowskiMCSTag Generalization for Facet-based Search
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2013Jacek M. WolkowiczPhD, CSApplication of Text-Based Methods of Analysis to Symbolic Music
2013Hasan YildizMEC (r.p.)Web-based Software for Property Management Industry
2013Deepak RajendranMCS, CSAttaining Uniformity in User Interfaces Across Mobile Platforms--A Developer's Perspective
(co-sup. Dr. Morven Gentleman)
2012Victor ItivehMEC (prj.)Introducing Collaboration and Social Networking in the Request for Proposal Process in the Private Sector
2012Olfat HijaziMEC (r.p.)A Study on How Companies use Sentiment Analysis to Improve their Reputation
2012Manal Alsolami MEC (prj)Multi-lingual Website Development for E-Commerce
2012Ting TangMEC (r.p)Recommender Systems for Social Media
2012Justin FrankUSRAStatistical Methods in Analysis of Gaming Data
2012Olga TsubiksMEC (th) Mining Consumer Trends from Online Reviews: An Approach for Market Research
2012Faye Feifei XuMEC (th)Data Mining of Social Media for Stock Market Prediction
2012Saad AlbaqamiMEC (r.p)Social Media in Corporate Public Relations: Spotlight on Toyota
2012Ardavan IranmaneshMEC (r.p)A Discussion of Could Computing: A Dynamic in Communication, Business and Education
2012Jude AbbeyMEC (prj.)Project Management Mobile Application for Students
2012Christopher SealMEC (r.p.)How E-Commerce is Changing the Gaming Industry
2012Marni TuttleMEC (prj.)Privacy Legislation and Fundraising: The Impact on University Advancement, Hospital and Long-term Care Foundations in Nova Scotia and Ontario
2012Mvguthar Vivek HariMCSTest Cases Reduction in Software Product Line using Regression Testing
(co-sup. Dr. Morven Gentleman)
2011Ryan KirosNSERC USRADeep t-Distributed Correlative Subspace Mapping
2011Jamiur RahmanMCS, CSAcademiaMap-GIV: Geo-based Information Visualization of Scholarly Conversations on Twitter
2011Bharatram RaghuramanMASC, CSSelf-tests for Excel Non-programmers
2011Majid QutubMEC (r.p.)A Multi Lens View of the Development of Electronic Banking
2011Jigye ZhuangMEC (r.p.)Privacy Issues in Facebook
2011Irfan SaranghiMEC (prj.)Insurance Rate Making using Data Mining: A Case Study of Automobile Insurance
2011Rahil MominMEC (prj.)Data Mining for Fraud Management System in Electronic-Payment Industry
2011Jin ZhuMEC (r.p.)Digital Marketing and the Hospitality Industry
2011Kunal Mohindra-SummerMHI (int.prj.)A Drug Utilization Study on Sedatives and Hypnotics
2011Eman AlramadhanMEC (r.p.)Analyzing Web Usage Data and Web Content for Web Advertising Recommendation System
2011Majed TarabulsiMEC (r.p.)The e-Marketing Plan for the School of Languages
2011Jessica LaneMEC (r.p.)Information Communication Technologies and the Developing World: What is ICT4D and Why is it Important?
2011Jaclyn MilsteinMEC (prj.)Food for Thought: Leveraging the Power of Social Media Marketing in the Restaurant Industry
2010Wilson ParkerMEC (r.p.)Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing
2010Haibin LiuPhD, CSBiological Information Extraction using Patterns of Characters, Tag Sequences, and Subgraphs
2010Hui LiMEC (r.p.)A Survey of Recent Advances in E-Commerce Oriented Recommender Systems
2010Pif EdwardsMCS, CSMedicInfoSys: An Architecture for an Evidence-Based Medical Information Research and Delivery System
2010Hathai Tanta-ngaiPhD, CSShrack: A Self-Organizing Peer-to-Peer System for Document Sharing and Tracking
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2009Katherine MageeNSERC USRA, CSEulerian Graph-based Text Mining for Evidence Search from Medical Literature (or EulMiner: A System for Interactive Visualization in Eulerian Graph-based Text Mining)
2009Matthew ButlerMEC (th)An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Financial Forecasting using Improved Data Representation, Multi-objective Optimization, and Text Mining
2009Xiang ZhuMEC (r.p.)Data Anonymization as a Preprocessing Phase in Data Mining: Application in Web Usage Mining and Health Informatics
2009Tian Eva BuMEC (r.p.)Application of Data Mining Techniques to Marketing in Automobile Industry
2008Katherine MageeNSERC USRA, CSEulerian Graph-based Text Mining of Bio-Medical Scientific Literature
2008Pif EdwardsNSERC USRA, CSExperiments in Character N-gram Based Summarization of Bio-Medical Scientific Literature
2008Olena MitovskaMEC (prj.)Use of Multivariate Logistic Regression to Build Decision Support Model for Stock Portfolio Management
2008Tony Abou-AssalehPhD, CSProbabilistic Relaxed Unification Formalism and Its Application in Question Answering
(co-sup. Dr. Nick Cercone)
2008Connie AdsettMCS, CS Automatic Syllabification in European Languages: A Comparison of Data-driven Methods
(co-sup. Dr. Yannick Marchand)
2008Shaohua ZhangMEC (r.p.) The Use of Predictive Modeling Techniques to Get Customer Insights: An Application of Analytical CRM in the Banking Industry
2008Chris Xining GuMEC (r.p.)Semantic-Oriented Query Log Segmentation for Search Engines
2007Christopher WhiddenNSERC USRA, CSUtilizing Automatic Coreference Resolution with the Jellyfish Question Answering System
2007Charles IkesonUSRAShrack: Initial Implementation of a Practical Prototype
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2007Jonathan Doyle RASpam Detection
2007Lalita NarupiyakulPhD, CSA Unification-based Focus System for Prosodic Analysis
(co-sup. Dr. Nick Cercone)
2007Jonathan DoyleMCS, CSAutomatic Evaluation of Student Essays using N-Gram Analysis Techniques
2007Zheyuan YuMCS, CSHigh-Accuracy Postal Address Extraction from Web Pages
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2007Haewon Chung MASC, CSA Semi-Structured e-Forms Approach in Deployment of Electronic Clinical Guidelines
2006Xiongxin Ren MEC (r.p.)Comparative Study of Decision Tree Algorithms in E-mail Classification
2006 Gregory Zaverucha MCS, CS Generalized Mersenne Numbers in Pairing-based Cryptography
2006Ming LiMEC (r.p.)Data Mining Techniques for Anti-Phishing
2005Heng HouMEC (r.p.)Transaction Identification in Web Usage Mining using Association Rules
2005Haixia Tang MASC, CSA Suffix Array Based N-gram Extraction Algorithm
(co-sup. Dr. Norbert Zeh)
2005Chris WhiddenNSERC USRA, CSQuestion Processing using Regular Expressions and WordNet
2005 Pradeep Monga MCS, CS Web-based P2P support for Research Collaboration
2005Haibin LiuMEC (th)Combined Mining of Web Server Logs and Web Contents for Classifying User Navigation Patterns and Predicting Users' Future Requests
2005Asad SattiMCS, CSClassification and Relation Extraction for Semantic Web Annotation
(co-sup. Dr. Nick Cercone)
2005Sittichai JiampojamarnMCS, CSAutomatic Biological Term Annotation Using N-gram and Classification Models
(co-sup. Dr. Nick Cercone)
2004Jiayun GuoMCS, CSIntegrating Automatic Web Page Clustering into Web Log Association Rule Mining
(co-sup. Dr. Qigang Gao)
2004Yingbo MiaoMCS, CSDocument Clustering using N-grams, Terms, and Words
(co-sup. Dr. Evangelos Milios)
2004Calvin ThomasMCS, CSRating Dementia of Alzheimer Type through Lexical Analysis of Spontaneous Speech
2004Aaron OlsonUG Hon, CSAn Eulerian Approach to N-gram Table Conversion
2003Lina HdeibNSERC USRA, CSA Comparison Study to Test the Efficiency of Search Engines
(co-sup. Dr. Nick Cercone)

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