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Winter 2021 (Jan6-Apr8)
Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University

DGIN 5201 — Course Calendar (tentative)

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  Jan 6-8"Soft start": Course Introduction  
  Unit 1: Disrupting the World with Digital Technology
1 Mo Jan 11What is Digital Transformation  
2 We Jan 13Disruptive Innovation and Business Strategy  
3 Mo Jan 18Collecting Feedback with Canvas  
4 We Jan 20Collecting Feedback with Canvas  
  Unit 2: Implementing a Solution
5 Mo Jan 25 Project Technical Requirements and Approaches  
6 We Jan 27 Rapid Prototyping: Linux Environment, Web Server, HTML  
7 Mo Feb  1 Brief History and Foundation of Internet and Web  
8 We Feb  3 Apache Password Protection, CGI Scripting  
  Mo Feb  8Snow day, University closed, classes suspended  
9 We Feb 10CGI Processing  
  Mo Feb 15Nova Scotia Heritage Day, University closed  
  Mo Feb 15Winter Study Break, no classes, Feb 15-19  
  Unit 3: Emerging Technologies and Project Check-ins
10 Mo Feb 22Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship  
11 We Feb 24Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship  
12 Mo Mar  1 Emerging Technology: AI and Deep Learning  
13 We Mar  3 Projects check-in 1: Project Specification  
14 Mo Mar  8 Emerging Technology: Robotic Process Automation  
15 We Mar 10 Projects check-in 2: Prototype  
16 Mo Mar 15 Emerging Technology: Blockchain Technology  
17 We Mar 17 Projects check-in 3: Alpha Test  
18 Mo Mar 22 Emerging Technology: IoT and Industry 4.0  
19 We Mar 24 Projects check-in 4: Beta Test  
20 Mo Mar 29 Git and GitLab  
  We Mar 31 Project Demo (recorded asynchronously, no meetings)  
21 Mo Apr  5 Git and GitLab, Course Reflection  
  Th Apr  8Term end  

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