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An Incremental Blog

I understand blogs as a flexible form of web publishing, and consequently I have blog posts like this one, which pushes boundaries of the blog style. This post is in a blog format, but its main purpose is to be a landing page for blogs; i.e., the index.html page; and as another purely functional purpose, it is an index of all the posts in this series in a reverse chronological order:

There is a larger plan for this page than just to provide a combined landing-index page, and so more content follows below. (I am really tempted to write "landing/index page" here, but will not and will leave discussion about my pet peeve use of slash in compounds such as "and/or" for another day.)

Should Blogs be Incremental?

"Incremental" in this sense means that a blog is significantly updated from time to time, including a possibility of never having a final version. I think that blog posts should not be generally incremental, but there can be exceptions, which should be clearly indicated. Another example is posting a blog in development. A hope is that over time the majority of blog posts will become complete and stable, and thus archivable and citable.

This post is not complete.

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